Adrian Kennedy

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''By [Kip Kirby|Lee]''

Ah Adrian Kennedy. He was always my favourite actor on the show, and he played [John Gaunt], the leader of Unicode Gamma. So strong, so determined... The linchpin of the group, rugged and aggressive.

Of course, Adrian knew about that sort of thing. Adrian had previously been a combatant in the Vietnam war for a tour of duty, and had served honorably and nobly during that time. After his tour of duty, his good looks and brilliant charisma served him well as a Hollywood actor. He managed a few minor roles, mostly as villains, until his breakthrough role as Gaunt. A role that truly played to his talent and experience, he stayed with the show for the entire series.

Not without controversy though. Adrian was... difficult on set, and the difficulties only got worse as the show continued. By the end of the series he had been constantly arriving on set drunk, got into multiple fracas with the shows cast and crew (including a notable biffo with [Robbie Essex] that led to their characters being hastily written out of two episodes), and at one point a breakdown on set just before deadline. Thankfully, that breakdown turned out to be not so bad - it was so poignant (and appropriate enough), that the directors just let the cameras roll and included it in the episode, which was generally considered one of his best performances on set. Alas, after Unicode Gamma, he never quite managed any other roles, certainly not any of note. On Gamma Waves, ''Kennedy Watch'' has been one of the more depressing segments.

'''See:''' [John Gaunt], [Robbie Essex]

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