Banquet Massacre, The

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By [Tamarin15],

I must say, the best moment of the entire show had to be the Banquet Massacre. [Fat Tony] had just achieved dominance over the entire family, and was celebrating with a massive banquet. Champaign fountains, cakes that reached the ceiling, and every type of meat that you could think of (meat being incredibly difficult to come by on the show of course). Then, out of nowhere, just as [Fat Tony] was about to make his big speech in front of everyone: BANG! A flashbang goes off, disorienting everyone, and [Dr. Tamarin] barges in with several of his men, and within 15 seconds, they’d iced every single mofo in there. Mind you, [Dr. Tamarin] was never one of my favorite characters, but this attack was just too bad ass not to be recognized as the epitome of cool. Only in our dreams now can we imagine just where things could have gone if the series had continued… I’m going to go eat now…

See: [Fat Tony], [Dr. Tamarin]