Bonam Suavissimos

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U.9Q..U 20140823-1220-52.bakUmeta.datIn all my days, I had never seen such a gorgeous plant.

In the short time I have been on Mu, I have seen so many incredible plants. I have seen the predatory [Venerandum Interfectorem], a plant that only seems to feed on the cutest of creatures. I have seen (or more correctly, did not see) the [Humus Absconditum] (which we only found evidence for on my boot. Shocking tragedy that was). But then, there's Bonam Suavissimos.

If I was a religious man, I'd say that this plant was proof of god wanting us here. It's perfectly built for us. Every part of the plant is not only edible, but utterly, impossibly, ''delicious''. It's leaves are sweet and succulent. It's stems are deliciously spicy. It's roots, akin to a buttery lobster taste, but infinitely more pleasing. And the flowers? They are pure ambrosia itself, there is nothing, ''nothing'', that tastes as delicious, and that's scientific fact.

This plant, alas, only grows in a tiny region on Mu, a place interesting clear of all possible predators. It's growth cycle is absurdly slow, on the scale of centuries to grow a small plant. It's the ultimate culinary bounty, and the ultimate endangered species all in one. It is important, nay ''vital'' that this plant be protected, and that clippings be taken to ensure that it's tastes do not become extinct. We must find some way of improving the state of this plant.

My fellow scientists, it's your call.

SEE: [Humus Absconditum], [Venerandum Interfectorem]

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