Broken History Chat

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Alright! So the players have come together nicely, and we have six people on this Lexicon. Nice!

So, I figure that some people might be wanting to dibs certain entries if they've been thinking about them, and I figure this chat page should have some actual text on it, so if anyone wants to dibs a particular entry this turn (since we have 5/6 possible entries already created), feel free to do so here, although remember that you can't write an entry that you've cited previously. I'm actually not sure what I'll be doing yet - I may take the blank entry myself! -- [Lee]

So, I've decided not to play the blank card and go for [Fimbulwinter of 1949]. Inspiration just hit me, I dunno... -- [Lee]

I'll be doing the [European Isles].  -- [JeffR]

And so [Hillary Clinton] gets done. -- [Lee]

Ditto [Generous Mary]. --[JeffR]

Dibs on [Galba Augustus].  -- [Ellie]

Also dibs on [Messiah]; I'll have it up in a bit, but I wanted to get my foot in the door.  :) -- [Ellie]

So it looks like we have a couple of drop-outs at the moment - Anita's told me that she's not participating anymore, and Baglieg's not posted an entry for a couple of turns now. Does anyone here have any thoughts on whether we should just forge on without them, or whether we should try and fill in the gaps with new people? We're only a couple of turns from the end, so we could just keep going and then we can feel free to fill in the gaps later, or we can ask if there's anyone out there interested in pick up the pieces themselves? I dunno. Just throwing things out there! :) -- [Lee]

I think we're deep enough into it that it would be kinda rough for someone to try to read through all our stuff and catch up--I mean, not that it wouldn't be fun, but it's more fun when you've been in from the beginning, y'know? I vote to just forge ahead to the end, and have one last round where we all pick from whatever unwritten entries still remain. Then any new players we find can jump in on the next game.  But that's just an idea. -- [Ellie]

Dibs Second Subterranean War. --[JeffR]

Sorry my entries are so late; I'm in the middle of a move. But they're up now, finally! -- [Ellie]

Dibs on [ZENITH]. I'll have it up tonight. Still up to my ears in packing boxes. -- [Ellie]

I'll do [Zeta Zeta Zeta Program], then.  Probably tomorrow. -- [JeffR]