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!Master Prompt

''When time travel was invented the first thing everyone did with it was change history to make themselves rich. Five stock market crashes later, catastrophe struck - the timeline failed under the stress and shattered into a million pieces. A group of able heroes, The Weavers, desperately took the pieces of history and fit them together, to rebuild history back to the way it was.''

''At least, that was the plan. The final result was... messier.''

''Today, at the Annual Conference for the Rediscovery of History, A group of historians, poets, storytellers and other past-minded people, attempt to look at that final result, to untangle the terrible mess that now passed for history''

This game uses standard [Lexicon Rules] with the following [variations|Lexicon Variations]:
* '''Phonepad turns''' - In this variant, each turn contains 3-4 letters, in a configuration matching that of a mobile phone pad. The structure of this is ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQRS, TUV, WXYZ, for a total of 8 turns until end.
* '''Unbound format''' - Entries written do not have to be encyclopedia-style - they can be any style that the writer desires. Standard referencing still apply, the entries need to be at least 100 words, and they must have some sort of information inside them.
* '''Deadlines''' - Entries need to be entered in by the Friday of each week. You have the weekend as a grace period, but if the entries are not entered in by Monday Morning, you may not be eligible for the next round.

'''Note: This game is no longer accepting players. If you are interested in playing Lexicon, feel free to create your own gamenow finished. Check the [Main page] for current games running on this wiki.'''

The People playing this game are:
* [Lee], bringing to life Mr. Odd Starter, a Well-Heeled Heavyweight Historian of High Importance.
* [Baglieg], as Sir Titus Titmouse, author of ''A Violently Brief History of Sarcasm: from Stalin to Schrödinger'' and ''No Future: Lolcats and the Death Drive''.
* [Jacob], playing as [Sir Aldous Juniper]
* [Anita], as [Miss Nina Green]
* [Ellie], as Lazarus "Little Bit" Bigelow, doer of odd jobs for stuffy people in high places.
* [JeffR], as Kevin Alder Rux.

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*[Broken History Chat]


* Turn 1: [ABC|HistoryABC] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 2: [DEF|HistoryDEF] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 3: [GHI|HistoryGHI] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 4: [JKL|HistoryJKL] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 5: [MNO|HistoryMNO] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 6: [PQRS|HistoryPQRS] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 7: [TUV|HistoryTUV] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 8: [WXYZ|HistoryWXYZ] (Turn Deadline 28/8/2009)Closed)

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