Canon Divide

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''By [Kip Kirby|Lee]''

Let's be honest with ourselves - It's not like the makers of Unicode Gamma were terribly scrupulous people. And despite the Underground Music industry's reputation, they're not at all stupid. Bring these two problems together, and we ended up with the Eastern/Western Canon situation that Unicode Gamma Fandom has had to deal with for the last 15 years.

It's had its effect on the fandom, make no mistake. Before the mass migration onto the Internet, it meant that fan communities were very geographically isolated, and those that had to move for whatever reason found it nearly impossible to integrate with fanbases elsewhere. The international community had a double-dose when episodes finally started to find their way to filesharing sites - for many in the international fandom, they had to make their choices as to which canon to support. Flame war after flame war destroyed any of the so-called "Central" forums, which had as their purpose to act as neutral grounds for both camps.

In fact, the canon divide has been known to affect even the actors. Due to budgetary constraints, very green, idealistic actors, like [Perry Thompson] and [Gabrielle Formica], were brought into main roles. The rip between the two continuities meant that Perry in particular had thought his character, [Uncle Tom], as the charming, suave, debonair face-man of Unicode Gamma, which was true in the Eastern Canon. The poor music choices of the Western Canon, however, had made him into the barely-concealed turncoat of the group, making connections and deals, and being set to tear the place apart. Perry couldn't believe what simple editing and background music could do to a scene, and when he was made aware of the Western Uncle Tom, became very disillusioned. His experience led him to form a new school of acting, called Blank Slate Acting, where the actors just did their lines however they wanted, since "They'll make it what they want in post-production, anyway". 

For Unicode Gamma, it turns out he was right, but the school kinda died with him, fortunately. As it turns out, there's only so much you can do with post-production, and a decent pair of [Bell Bottoms].

See: [Bell Bottoms], [Gabrielle Formica], [Perry Thompson], [Uncle Tom]

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