Crystal Something or Other, The

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''By [Little Bit Bigelow|Ellie]''

Now, I may have been bopped on the head by a few police and drunk a bit too much bathtub rum in my day, but I still have a mind like a steel trap.  So don't think I'm misremembering the name.  I swear that's what it's called.  The Crystal Something-or-other.  

I guess I'm supposed to tell you what it is?  Well, I learned about it first back in the '80's, in a gentlemen's club in Tokyo, where I'd conned my way in to get out of the rain.  I was playing backgammon for money -- winning, for once -- when my opponent struck up a conversation.  (Now, his name I truly don't remember, though I guess he was a bigwig who won the Nobel Defense Prize a few years later.)  He had a skinny face red from too much good scotch and a tight little mouth that flapped on and on about how he'd miss the pleasures of the high life once he left on his quest for the Crystal Something-or-other.  So here's what he said:

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- Bigger than a breadbox
- Once owned by [King John XX]
- Rumored to have terrible powers over life and death (as though I haven't heard that one a million times)
- Shaped like a giant panda (or maybe panther, he was slurring hard by then)

So the game finished and I took his money and went out into the rain and never saw him again.  Or took a mind to think on this giant crystal panda, until a few years later, in those three crazy days between the [Tight Pants Uprising] and the truce.  I was living in a camp for itinerant workers, pretending to work, and sneaked off to the riverbank to have a little tipple and tupple with a cute redhead named Perri Sue Nabakov.  We came back and the place was deserted.  Just a damned ghost town, tents charred and smoking, and little piles of ash where people would have been sitting or sleeping.  And all around, in the grass and dirt and air, were little flecks and shards and sparkles, like shattered crystal.

But you probably don't believe me.  No one ever does.

'''See:''' [King John XX], [Tight Pants Uprising]

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