Fat Tony

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''By [Rex Darren|Jeff R]''

"Let me tell you a secret, [John Gaunt].  I'm the only thing in this whole world of yours that's real."

This was the line, uttered at the very end of the psychedelic "[Hallucinogenesis One]" closing sequence of the Unicode Gamma Pilot, that introduced the character of Fat Tony to the world, and cemented his role as a figure at least as important if not more so than the show's ostensible protagonist.

After the hallucinatory dust had settled, as it were, Fat Tony emerged as a rising leader within the unified organized criminal syndicate that threatened to supplant government entirely in the bleak, food and energy-poor, on-the-brink-of-apocalypse world of Unicode Gamma, with his ruthless ascent to power contrasted against Gaunt's struggles to maintain order and decency.  

There are some hints in the final episode and the antepenultimate one that in the [Lost Episode], Gaunt made some sort of deal with [Dr. Tamarin], giving him information and assistance in his plan.  If so, then in his real battle with Gaunt, even as Fat Tony dies in the [Banquet Massacre]Massacre|Banquet Massacre, The] he is ultimately victorious, having brought Gaunt down to his level.

'''See: [Banquet Massacre],Massacre, The], [Dr. Tamarin], [Hallucinogenesis One], [John Gaunt], [Lost Episode]'''

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