First Mongol Invasion

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''By [Little Bit Bigelow|Ellie]''

Oh, yes, I remember this.  I mean, I remember learning about this.  I may have a few grey hairs on my head but I'm not that old.

See, it was 1390, and everyone in Europe was laying around dying of the plague and generally being good for nothing.  So, these Mongols decide, "Right ho, nothing ever happens in Mongolia," and decided to invade Europe.

Well, first they had to get from Mongolia to Europe. It wasn't easy, what with all the Plague-Walkers infesting the Urals.  Back in the 1200's, some twit who claimed he was an escapee from the [Zeta Zeta Zeta Program] (and you know how the relationship between the Zetas and [APEX] was) showed up with tanks full of antivirals to try to avert the worst of the plague deaths.  He kept people from dying, all right, kept them from dying right up through when the virus mutated and took over their brains.  The Europeans, in between all the getting sick and dying, managed to drive the Plague-Walkers up into the mountains, and the Mongols had to hack and slash and burn and sorcery their way through.  

Of course, their trip across Eastern Europe was also where we have the first recorded account of someone meeting [Generous Mary].  Now, that woman (if you believe she was a flesh-and-blood woman) is a story in herself!

At any rate, eventually the Mongols got to where they were going and took over and that was that.  As far as invasions go, it was something of an anticlimax, huh?

'''See:''' [APEX], [Generous Mary], [Zeta Zeta Zeta Program]
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