Hallucinogenesis One

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You won't believe this, but--no, wait. If you've seen the Unicode Gamma pilot, you will most certainly believe this. Do you know how the directors designed the Hallucinogenesis One sequence? By getting high out of their minds and dictating it to me.

Oh, I'm no prude. I've been in the business for a long time, and before that, community theatre--and before ''that'', competitive hairstyling. Let me tell you, if they ever started drug-testing for the HairWorld Championships, there would be nobody left to compete. I'm no stranger to illegal substances, though I've never done more than a little experimenting, myself. I was always a pot girl. (Heavens, what would my grandmother think if she heard this? You don't understand, Meemaw. It was the 90's; men were running around with bowl cuts and pale Levis, and women belted their pants an inch below their bosoms. It was a difficult time.) 

It started out coherently enough. I came by the studio to interview for the costume designer position. Mr. Dexter took one look at my cleavage and said they were just about to order dinner and would I like to join them? After we ate, Mr. Wu asked if I knew shorthand. I did, because my mother was a battleaxe straight from the 1950s and thought all young ladies needed to know how to be secretaries in order to land a man. I didn't want to admit it--I wanted them to see me as an industry peer, not a little chippy who would do all the ladies' work. But considering that the two qualifications that had gotten me the job were in my bra, I didn't have much room to wave my feminist flag. So I grabbed a pen while they started brainstorming.

The pilot, they explained as they passed a bottle of funny-looking pills back and forth, was the introduction. It explained what Unicode Gamma was and why they had been booted out of the Global Armed Services and forced to run endless patrols in the skies. It introduced the viewers to the complicated leader, [John Gaunt], and his handsome, squeaky-clean assistant, [Uncle Tom]. It explained the reason for the tension between the two men and why John Gaunt had tried to kill Uncle Tom once in the past (though Uncle Tom, of course, did not know that). Anticipation, Mr. Wu said. It was all about building anticipation.

Then it started getting weird. Mr. Dexter pulled out a boom box and started playing music by some godawful local band called Rat Bites Man. "We'll use this!" he kept yelling. "Only we'll add a sitar and some bongos!" (That song led to the first of the many last-minute phone calls from yellow-pages lawyers that [Mr. Darren mentions|Collected Edition].) Mr. Wu decided that the scene would take place in heaven, only with robots instead of angels. Naked girl robots, Mr. Dexter added. But standing behind rainbows, so you couldn't see anything important, Mr. Wu said. 

Intercut with the scenes from heaven would be scenes of John Gaunt and Fat Tony in a cave, which represented hell, according to Mr. Wu, and the womb, according to Mr. Dexter. On the walls would be cave paintings that showed scenes from future episodes: the crash, the betrayal, the murder that Mr. Kirby's website calls the [Unseen Demise]. To build anticipation, they told me. Then Mr. Dexter threw up in his gym bag.

Wanting to show what a helpful, proactive industry peer I could be, I went home and typed up all the notes, then had them couriered over to the producers and photography director. By 2 pm the next day, the producers had already spent several thousand on preparations for the scene, which "sounded like complete bunk but what do I know, they're the directors." And Mr. Dexter and Mr. Wu were waking up with absolutely no memory of any of this. I wore extra-low-cut shirts for a week, just in case they were thinking about firing me. Then I bought 100 yards of silver lamé and started sewing naked robot costumes.

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