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''A century ago, a great king united the lands together, under the Glorious Kingdom. His will was great, his wisdom greater. The Kingdom seemed like it could last forever. And let it be known, his heirs did whatever it took to make sure that passed. As the century rolled on, wisdom and enlightenment became ignorance and oppression, and woe to us all, the Kingdom seemed like it could last forever.''

''But then the Hero arose. Taking allies where they could, they laid waste to the Kingdom's forces, reached the very capital, and brought the Kingdom down. Noone in that final battle survived that day, not the hero, nor their allies, nor the King and his court. Even the castle itself was torn asunder, how we do not know.''

''And now, those who have survived want answers. Conflicting legends abound, stories are whispered here and there, changing as they do. We, the Bards, now have the burdensome job of picking through the fragments to sing the True Song of what happened. A Bardmeet has been called, and Bards from around the land arrive to bring what knowledge they have of the Hero's quest. It is hoped that enough fragments of knowledge from enough Bards will allow us to piece together this Hero's Journey, and the Aftermath we find ourself in.''

This game uses standard [Lexicon Rules] with the following [variations|Lexicon Variations]:
* '''Phonepad turns''' - In this variant, each turn contains 3-4 letters, in a configuration matching that of a mobile phone pad. The structure of this is ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQRS, TUV, WXYZ, for a total of 8 turns until end.
* '''Epic Poetry/Unbound''' - In a little mix-up of the usual standard, each entry is to include verse and prose. The Verse can be as long or as short as the Bard wishes, and in any poetic form they wish (yes, even Free Verse), and the Bard may add further elaboration to the Verse with prose. Standard referencing and linking still applies!
* '''Deadlines''' - Entries need to be entered in by the Friday of each week. You have the weekend as a grace period, but if the entries are not entered in by Monday Morning, you may not be eligible for the next round.

This game is currently accepting players. If you wish to play, simply place your name down at the end of this list. The deadline for Turn 1 is the 29/08/2014. If you have placed your name on the list, and have not written your first entry by that date, you will not be considered a player, and your name will be struck off the record.

The People playing this game are:
* [Lee], as Markand, the (former) Bard of the Glorious Capital

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*[Hero's Aftermath Chat]


* Turn 1: [ABC|AftermathABC] (Turn Deadline 29/08/2014)
* Turn 2: [DEF|AftermathDEF] (Turn Deadline 05/09/2014)
* Turn 3: [GHI|AftermathGHI] (Turn Deadline 12/09/2014)
* Turn 4: [JKL|AftermathJKL] (Turn Deadline 19/09/2014)
* Turn 5: [MNO|AftermathMNO] (Turn Deadline 26/09/2014)
* Turn 6: [PQRS|AftermathPQRS] (Turn Deadline 03/10/2014)
* Turn 7: [TUV|AftermathTUV] (Turn Deadline 10/10/2014)
* Turn 8: [WXYZ|AftermathWXYZ] (Turn Deadline 17/10/2014)

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