Indigo Jones

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''By [Kip Kirby|Lee]''

I'll be the first to admit that Indigo Jones had potential. An Independent woman from the wrong side of the tracks, with a no-nonsense attitude, was just the thing to invigorate Unicode Gamma after the first half of the season. I'll also be the first to admit that bringing back the very hot stripper that they'd shockingly killed previously for the express purpose of having some eye candy for the show probably negated any goodwill they could have gotten from the female audience.

Indigo was introduced in the episode [Violet Gets the Blues], where [Katherine "Violet" Gentry|Katherine Gentry] had become disillusioned at Unicode Gamma's work and fell into the seedier side of the setting. She showed her true colours then, being the backbone of the underground stripper joint Violet had found herself. She ended up being killed by a mysterious killer, the shock being enough to send Violet back to the team.

But a few episodes later, she was back, under the direction of [Fat Tony] as a seductive femme fatale, uncertain as to her real place in the series. During the rest of the show's run, it seemed as though she was being set up to defect from Fat Tony's influence, and become part of Unicode Gamma, and this would have been a really interesting development had it happened. Alas, the show was cancelled before that particular arc ran its course. It would have shown a completely different arc to the Dr. Tamarin arc, and certainly would have been a rare event in Unicode Gamma's Favour within the setting. The fact that it didn't happen just adds to the very depressing note that the series ended on.

See: [Fat Tony], [Katherine Gentry], [Violet Gets the Blues]
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