Jacob's Ladder

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Let it not be said that I won't cover the little things.

Running around the [United Isles of Europe], a ladder is worshipped. It's not a particularly big ladder, and it's old enough now that you'd be putting your life in peril to use it for it's intended purposes, but it's there. Why is it worshipped? Well, to understand that, you need to understand the figure of Jacob.

Jacob lived in Biblical times, and was a builder by trade. He enters history through his association with a particular [Messiah], who's name is oddly forgotten, and was probably one of many Messiahs who were killed before they got enough followers to keep them remembered. This Messiah, it seemed, had no desire to do anything but live a simple, easy live as an accountant, and so when people figured out his divinity, naturally he ran.

He eventually came across Jacob, who was about to start work repairing a synagogue. The Messiah cried for help, and Jacob being naturally the kind of person to turn to see what the fuss was about, turned around, with the ladder on his shoulder. The Messiah, standing a short distance behind him, got hit hard in the face by the wooden ladder. Jacob, of course looked around to see where the shouter had come from, but couldn't see what was the commotion, so he turned around to get back on with his work. This, unfortunately was just about when the Messiah was getting back up again, and as such he got smacked in the back of the head with the other side of the ladder. This continued for a good 5-10 minutes, eventually rendering the Messiah bloodied and unconscious on the ground, and the bottom of Jacob's Ladder coated in the blood and spit of the Messiah. 

That particular Messiah did not lead the Jews to a new civilisation, but instead suffered serious brain injuries and had to be cared for by his followers until his death a few months later. It was duly considered by several of the followes that the Ladder had clearly managed to knock the divinity out of the Messiah, and seeing as it was coated in him, had probably absorbed a bit of that divinity. It was thus considered a Ladder to Heaven, purchased from Jacob, and has been worshipped ever since.

In a curious coincidence, it turned out that [Friar D'Angelini] was once a Guardian of the Ladder, and that his impromptu trip through the [Lowenstein-Wagner Anomaly] had occured shortly after he had left the Order of the Heavenly Ascension, the Holy Order dedicated to protecting Jacob's Ladder.

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