John Gaunt

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''By [Rex Darren|Jeff R]''

"Who is John Gaunt" was the tagline of the promtional teasers for Unicode Gamma, at least before the Ayn Rand estate wrote a threatening letter and the show's in-house legal counsel, [Xavier Squire], decided to pull the campaign.  While the entire first season did an admirable job of showing us exactly what kind of person the leader of Unicode Gamma was through his conflicts within the group with [Dr. Tamarin] and with the agents of chaos in the newly precarious world, it did not answer the more interesting question raised by the campaign and by the pilot: Who was John Gaunt?  What was this man before he was promoted to the leadership of the team?

There are, of course, many theories.  The most mundane is the story that he himself tells, that he was a deputy commander in the ill-fated Unicode Beta, transferred to the new team after its dissolution.  However, the 60's-era scenes in the [Seventeen Down Episode] appear to contradict this story fairly clearly since nobody then seems to have even heard of 'John Gaunt'.

The remaining theories: that he was a foreign agent infilitratinginflitrating Unicode, a talented hacker who created the role to survive the bad times he saw ahead, or one of the few real human players of a complicated virtual reality game in which nearly every other member of the cast is only a computer simulation, each have their proponents and detractors.  The community may never know the truth, and would likely be disappointed if they did.

'''See: [Dr. Tamarin], [Seventeen Down Episode], [Xavier Squire]'''

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