Katherine Gentry

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Katherine "Violet" Gentry was a costume designer's dream. Unicode Gamma was a military group, of course -- all those uniforms, all the same! -- but Violet was a freelancer, an outside consultant, and so she could wear whatever she wanted. She had legs to die for and a bosom to kill for, and she'd come dragging in to hair and makeup half-drunk from the night before, and all they had to do was wave a comb and mascara wand in her general direction, and she suddenly looked like a million bucks. 

And on top of everything else, they gave her some of the best storylines! When the writers turned Dr. Tamarin from a friendly rival to an out-and-out enemy, they wisely decided to keep Violet's crush intact. A woman doesn't stop loving a man when he goes bad, not if he's a doctor with Chet Wheeler's good looks. So I got to design all these slinky 40's-inspired outfits for her visits to Dr. Tamarin, when she'd show up on his doorstep smoking a cigarette in an ebony holder and try to win his favor by dropping little hints about Unicode Gamma's mission.

Then when ''that'' didn't work out (because that never does), she quit Unicode Gamma and ended up in a strip club, of all places! And if you think it's no fun desigining an outfit that uses six square inches of material, you have another think coming. On top of that, I got to design a flowing kimono for that beautiful black-and-white slow-motion scene where Violet discovers [Indigo's|Indigo Jones] body. 

Then it was back to Unicode Gamma for Violet, but there was more planned. I'd started working on a long batik piece for the flashback episode, and another 40's-inspired espionage outfit for the [Banquet Massacre|Banquet Massacre, The] (she was supposed to end up preventing the massacre with a well-timed secret). And there was a copy of the very unusual outfit the body was wearing in the [Unseen Demise]. But after the scandal, she was gone, and it was back to uniforms and uniforms for me.

[Gabrielle|Gabrielle Formica] and I still stay in touch, you know. I designed a few red carpet dresses for her in the years after the show, but her career never really recovered from the scandal. She makes her money selling Mary Kay and has a ''very'' nice house to show for it. All in all, I'd call it a happy ending. And Mr. Kirby, Mr. Darren, I bet I can get you some free samples, if you like.

'''See:''' [Banquet Massacre|Banquet Massacre, The], [Gabrielle Formica], [Indigo Jones], [Unseen Demise]

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