King John XX

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By [Miss Nina Green]
King of England and the British Empire 1780 – 1833. 

King John XX was a popular monarch who was also a collector, innovator, and ladies man. He married [Generous Mary] in 1783 and when she disappeared in 1785 there was a great scandal. He is said to have owned the [Crystal Something or Other | Crystal Something or Other, The]. He organised the [Scientia Exhibition] which brought together the foremost technologies of its time in one place. 

During his reign the British Navy was a force to be reckoned with in the European Isles and beyond. He also sponsored the reform efforts of Admiral [Peter Marshall], who introduced better hygiene practices and an allowance of limes for sailors to the Navy. 

See: [Generous Mary], [Crystal Something or Other, The], [Scientia Exhibition], [Peter Marshall]
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