Lost Episode

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''By [Kip Kirby|Lee]''

To be honest, there's not a lot to say about the Lost Episode itself - it was lost, quite literally, a few hours before it's first airing by a very drunk [Perry Thompson].

Wait, I hear you ask, why was Perry Thompson in control of the tape? It's a very interesting question, one shrouded in as much mystery as the actual episode. The most interesting the stories went that the episode had been one of the more challenging and technically difficult episodes that the Unicode Gamma team had attempted. This had lead to a variety of problems on the set, and to quite a few blows on stage as the actors who ''could'' act got more and more frustrated at the younger actors, and a few insinuations arose regarding how a certain actress got her role (which, as it turned out, [may have been a lot more accurate than anyone had realised at the time|Miami Incident]).Scandal]). The shooting for the episode ended up finishing the day before it was scheduled to air, and while the crew worked overtime to get it ready to go, the cast stayed on set and drunk to excess, to celebrate that the episode had finished and that noone had killed each other.

And so, with the crew utterly exhausted, and noone really wanting to talk to the producers who were furious at how long the episode had took, the crew unanimously decided to send an erstwhile cast member out to deliver it. Perry, who had been drinking pretty heavily for the last 12 hours, was perhaps not the best choice, all things considered. What happened from this point is even hazier, and may well have included a very drunk [Gabrielle Formica], but of course, it's entirely rumour and speculation - noone saw a thing, and noone involved seems to remember a thing.

That's Hollywood for you, I guess.

See: [Gabrielle Formica], [Miami Incident], [Perry Thompson]

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