Objectivist Russia

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''By [Odd Starter|Lee]''

In the cold wastelands of the North, it is said that there is wisdom. The cold, harsh reality of life there doesn't let one coat reality with the little lies of comfort, to take the shortcuts that make people lazy and foolish.

I'm not sure I believe it myself, but the [Marx Brother|Zeppo Marx] certainly seemed to when they were trapped in a small hut in Siberia during the [Fimbulwinter of 1949]. With this apparent crystal clarity, they sought to rebuild the world, free from the shackles of Subjective Perception, and in either cold, perfect clarity, or a burning insane desire to take down the country that trapped them, they first made their new reality known in Russia. An army and a War later, they had managed to take Moscow, and impose their new vision on the world.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the best vision. As it turns out, the world really ''was'' subjective, and their blinkered views as to the reality of the world put them at a severe disadvantage in nearly every foreign and domestic crisis they faced. The almost war with Canada, their constant head-butting with the [United Isles of Europe], all were exacerbated by the fact that Russia ''knew'' it had the right view of reality, and noone was going to tell them otherwise. It was a terrible shame and when the [Mongolian Consortium] decided to invade in a last-ditch attempt to save their crumbling empire, they managed to do quite a considerable amount of damage by sending false data to Russia's instruments, thus ensuring that noone in Russia ever believed that they were actually being invaded. And that, dear readers, was that, the Russians revolted again, and the Objectivists were thrown out of power.

See: [Zeppo Marx], [Mongolian Consortium], [Fimbulwinter of 1949], [United Isles of Europe]
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