Patagonian League

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What can be said about the Patagonian League?

Well, it turns out, not terribly much. The Patagonian League were a collection of nations right at the bottom of the South American continent, who were mostly connected by a shared ideology that venturing too far North would anger any number of foreign gods who would then rain destruction down upon their peoples. This naturally lead to an extremly isolated country who never interacted with anyone in particular, and who mostly kept to themselves.

What's far more interesting is how a little group of nations keeping to themselves ended up shaping the world around them. See, it didn't matter what country you were, or how evil you were, noone wanted to touch the patagonian league.Patagonian League. They were, well, too little. Even in the heights of the [Mongolian Consortium]'s power, to [ZENITH]'s clandestine attempts to foil said Consortium, you could get within 10 meters of the Patagonian border, but one step over, and all hell would break loose on the diplomatic front.

The reasons why the Patagonian League was such a sacred cow were remarkably straightforward - they were a model country. They didn't step past their bounds, they didn't invade anyone, they were perfectly pleasant neighbors. Even with their vast array of natural resources, noone could figure out a convincing enough reason why they should be invaded. And so, the Patagonian League remained for hundreds of years.

In the end though, the backwards League fell to progress. The [Veni Vidi], not being a nation, found no reason not to cross the [Antarctic Land Bridge] into Patagonian lands, setting up their own camps as the Patagonians were happy to accept a ''few'' immigrants. Eventually though, so many [Veni Vidi]s arriving across the border with their own beliefs made the Patagonians start to question their own. The resulting religious arguments fairly quickly split the League into it's constituent nations, signalling an end to the world's most enduring sacred cow.

''See:'' [Antarctic Land Bridge], [Mongolian Consortium], [Veni Vidi], [ZENITH]
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