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!Master Prompt

''It is the year 23XX, and mankind has been exploring the galaxy. For a hundred years, mankind has been exploring for signs, any signs, of life, to no avail''

''Until now. A planet smack bang in the middle of the Goldilocks Zone of it's star, the planet tentatively named Planet Mu was discovered only a few years ago, and in that time it has become the go to destination for every scientist out there desperate to make a name for themselves. It's strange and bizarre flora and fauna (and some life forms that don't seem to belong to either) challenge botanists, biologists, and even chemists and physicists. Our entire science is being redefined thanks to Planet Mu.''

''Now, these intrepid (and often egotistical) scientists are taking some time out of their busy scientific schedule to share their findings with other scientists on the field, in the first Mu Conference, being held on the good ship ''Wissenschaft'', in orbit around Mu. What findings they present will surely make names, and challenge the very nature of Science itself!''

This game uses standard [Lexicon Rules] with the following [variations|Lexicon Variations]:
* '''Phonepad turns''' - In this variant, each turn contains 3-4 letters, in a configuration matching that of a mobile phone pad. The structure of this is ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQRS, TUV, WXYZ, for a total of 8 turns until end.
* '''Encyclopedic''' - Entries are expected to be in a vaguely encyclopedic tone. Vaguely. This is a scientific conference, so thinly-veiled sniping, and research not-yet-to-scientific-rigor is to be expected.
* '''Deadlines''' - Entries need to be entered in by the Friday of each week. You have the weekend as a grace period, but if the entries are not entered in by Monday Morning, you may not be eligible for the next round.

This game is currently accepting players. If you wish to play, simply place your name down at the end of this list. The deadline for Turn 1 is the 29/08/2014.01/07/2018. If you have placed your name on the list, and have not written your first entry by that date, you will not be considered a player, and your name will be struck off the record.

The People playing this game are:
* [Lee], as Botanist Glen Zwanzig, A botanist whose expedition is sponsored by Yumtastic! Taste Emporium.

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*[Planet Mu Chat]


* Turn 1: [ABC|MuABC] (Turn Deadline 01/07/2018)
* Turn 2: [DEF|MuDEF] (Turn Deadline 08/07/2018)
* Turn 3: [GHI|MuGHI] (Turn Deadline 15/07/2018)
* Turn 4: [JKL|MuJKL] (Turn Deadline 22/07/2018)
* Turn 5: [MNO|MuMNO] (Turn Deadline 29/07/2018)
* Turn 6: [PQRS|MuPQRS] (Turn Deadline 05/08/2018)
* Turn 7: [TUV|MuTUV] (Turn Deadline 12/08/2018)
* Turn 8: [WXYZ|MuWXYZ] (Turn Deadline 19/08/2018)

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