The Hummingbird Project

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By: [Sir Aldous Juniper]

Some time in early 1908 the last vestiges of the [Mongolian Consortium] launched the Hummingbird Project, a top secret project to find a way for the once great Mongols to reassert their global dominance.

Of course, [APEX] was working hard to deliberately undermine Mongolia and all associated nations, and Hummingbird faced an uphill battle. In fact, APEX had agents deep within the Mongol intelligence services from which the Hummingbird team was formed. Some estimates state that as many as 30% of the personnel working on Hummingbird were double-agents. Whatever the figure, Hummingbird was doomed from the start.

Hummingbird did make one major breakthrough, however. The technological arm of the project created a prototype weapons system which, after it was acquired by APEX, became the infamous [Raptor Array].
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