The Quarrymasters

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There's not a lot that can be said about the Quarrymasters that hasn't already been said by countless anthologies, music video compilations, tell-all celebrity biography and irate opinion pieces in tabloid newspapers, so I won't try and say anything new about them. Put simply, The Quarrymasters were quite simply the most influential band, possibly in all history. Combining the fresh, experimental London sound with the well-trod Russian beat, [Frank Zappa|Zappa, Frank], [John Lenin], Ziggy Stardust and Hilary Clinton's music simply defined their generation, having at least three songs in the charts at any given time, and cementing the artistic reputation of the [United Isles of Europe].

It would be an injustice to choose their "best" songs (not that anyone could agree on which were the best anyway), but perhaps some of their most-played songs include:

* '''Baby Don't Touch me There''' - A powerful song, one of Clinton's only songwriting credits. So far as anyone can tell, it was an impassioned plea to Frank Zappa to stop trying to bed her. By all reports, it didn't work.
* '''Ballad of the Lamppost''' - A dreamy, almost electronic song, telling the history of a lamppost in Lenin's childhood, and the many lovers who waited there for their lost loves, and how many of them died during the long, chilly Russian nights.
* '''Manic Dream Pixie Girl''' - A more punk-jazz inspired track, telling of one of Zappa's summertime loves, the whirlwind romance that followed, and the prison sentence that inevitably followed after that.
* '''Infomercials at One AM''' - During the 80s, The Quarrymasters made a very short comeback sans Lenin, bringing their classic sound to an entirely new time. This song was inspired by Zappa's long, sleepless night in a motel during one of his down periods, and breathlessly captured the sheer loneliness of obscurity in the world.

It's a testament to the power of their music that The Quarrymaster's aren't most remembered for Lenin's mysterious disappearance in 1980, and that it's always the music that people remembered. I admit, I was one of their biggest fans, and still am, so I simply can't talk about them impartially. They were, simply, geniuses, and no simple entry could ever truly do them justice.

See: [United Isles of Europe], [John Lenin], [Zappa, Frank]
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