The Trans-Sylvanian Troubles

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"The Troubles", a euphemistic name for a decades long campaign of terrorism, tribal and religious war, and mutual attempted genocide, a madness which infected southwest Asia after the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand-Nagy and the subsequent publication of a series of anonymous papers which declared that death to be the 'Direct Intervention of a Cruel and Ironic God'.

While hardly anyone open professed to believe in "Smiting Hand Theory of Economics" that the papers presented, each of the thirty-seven sides of the conflict (which is believed to have inspired the [game of the same name|Thirty Seven]) frequently accused the others of being devotees if not the actual author of the papers.

Interestingly, none of the sides seemed to blame [Zeppo Marx] in the least for the problem, even though he was responsible for the Archduke's death. This strange trust enabled the parties to accept his efforts, assisted by the ever-able [Hillary Clinton], to finally broker a lasting peace by uniting thirty-six factions against the [Duchy of Habsburg] and then grinding Duke Konrad's nation into a fine paste.

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