Unicode Gamma Chat

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This is a page for people to chat and discuss things relating to this Lexicon. There are no rules, just enjoy yourselves, and don't spam excessively!

This really won't work with only two players.... -JeffR.

I'm working on it. We got until Friday, I'm working on pimping to as many communities as I'm able. Maybe I can grab a few of RPG.net - They're often happy to jump in on things like this... -- [Lee]

Up to 4 now -Rich

So yeah... Everyone forgot this week, and I even forgot to send reminders to everyone. So... This week is Round 2! I've adjusted all the dates back to reflect the delay. Everyone enjoy! -- [Lee]

Fun fact: the HairWorld Championships are totally a real thing. Though not populated by drug users, as far as I know. -- [Ellie]

To avoid citing myself, I call advance dibs on [Robbie Essex] and [Violet Gets the Blues]. -- Ellie

Also to avoid citing myself, dibs on [Katherine Gentry]. I'll write it tonight, I swear! -- Ellie