Unicode Gamma Lexicon

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''In the early 1990s, a brand new television show premiered. Unicode Gamma was a great foray into the television market, and was sent internationally on a brave mission to earn it's creators money. Alas, Unicode Gamma was a television show of its time, a show with no real attempt to connect to a general audience, and thus, lasted only a season. That didn't deter the fans (as it never does), and a thriving community of Unicode Gamma fans continue to watch and enjoy this real slice of early 90s television.''

''And now, after over 15 years of living in obscurity, it's fans derided by others, and the fan community warped and twisted by years of disappointment and drama, the very first GammaCon has been organised and unleashed, and a (depressingly small) group of fans have come together to remember and reminisce about a show that only they care about.''

This game uses standard [Lexicon Rules] with the following [variations|Lexicon Variations]:
* '''Phonepad turns''' - In this variant, each turn contains 3-4 letters, in a configuration matching that of a mobile phone pad. The structure of this is ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQRS, TUV, WXYZ, for a total of 8 turns until end.
* '''Unbound format''' - Entries written do not have to be encyclopedia-style - they can be any style that the writer desires. Standard referencing still apply, the entries need to be at least 100 words, and they must have some sort of information inside them.
* '''Deadlines''' - Entries need to be entered in by the Friday of each week. You have the weekend as a grace period, but if the entries are not entered in by Monday Morning, you may not be eligible for the next round.

This game is currently accepting players. If you wish to play, simply place your name down at the end of this list. The deadline for Turn 1 is the 10/10/2009. If you have placed your name on the list, and have not written your first entry by that date, you will not be considered a player, and your name will be struck off the record.

The People playing this game are:
* [Lee], bringing to life Kip Kirby, cantankerous webmaster of Gamma Waves, the longest running Unicode Gamma site on the web, recently shut down due to mysterious circumnstances.
* [JeffR], as Rex Darren, the eccentric tech sector millionaire and obsessive Unicode Gamma completist who financed GammaCon I
* [Ellie] as Mayweather Lofty, the Southern Belle turned Hollywood seamstress who made all the costumes for Unicode Gamma
* [Rich] as Tamarin15, a nasty fat ass fanboi who's completely distraught about the website going down. Rarely seen without a red bull in one hand, and some sort of pastry in the other, there's nothing about the show that he can't argue over.

As a brief note, those of you with RSS readers may be intrigued to know that this wiki does, in fact, have an RSS feed of Recent Changes. Pointing your RSS feed at http://wikiphilia.net/lexicon/var/rss.xml gives you a top-of-the-line way of knowing when anyone touches the wiki, and how!

*[Unicode Gamma Chat]


* Turn 1: [ABC|UnicodeABC] (Turn Closed)
* Turn 2: [DEF|UnicodeDEF] (Turn Deadline 24/10/2009)
* Turn 3: [GHI|UnicodeGHI] (Turn Deadline 31/10/2009)
* Turn 4: [JKL|UnicodeJKL] (Turn Deadline 7/11/2009)
* Turn 5: [MNO|UnicodeMNO] (Turn Deadline 14/11/2009)
* Turn 6: [PQRS|UnicodePQRS] (Turn Deadline 21/11/2009)
* Turn 7: [TUV|UnicodeTUV] (Turn Deadline 28/11/2009)
* Turn 8: [WXYZ|UnicodeWXYZ] (Turn Deadline 5/12/2009)

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