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S;Q.9Q..d;Q 20090907-1522-21.bake;Qmeta.dat''By [Little Bit Bigelow|Ellie]''

I don't need to tell you about ZENITH. What it is, when it started, how it's shaped world events. I mean, nobody knows for sure. But we all ''know''.  How they took over the bottom of the world, submarines prowling the deeps, soldiers carving out tunnels, all to win a [war|Second Subterranean War] against a [nation|Mongolian Consortium] that had lost long ago.  What they made of the [Raptor Array].  How many bodies lie in their wake, even if nobody knows quite where they're buried.

Aldous Christ used to say, "We are the stuff of history, boys," and I know what he meant. We're the bricks; they're the architects. We're the marble; they're the sculptors. We're the stuff. They're the shapers. They get the glory. We get the consequences.

No longer.

I make no threats. I make no promises. But ZENITH is always watching, always listening--I wonder how many people at this conference are members?--and always mucking about with history. Always breaking the backs of the poor, the needy, the greedy, and the stupid.

I've seen the future from the hands of a mad messiah. I've heard it from the pen of a scared delinquent. I don't know how it ends, but it ''ends'', and that's not part of ZENITH's plans.

It ends, boys.

And the end starts here.

See:  [Mongolian Consortium], [Raptor Array], [Second Subterranean War]
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