Zeta Zeta Zeta Program

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The Zeta Zeta Zeta Program was a fairly obscure attempt at creating a global ruling Cabal.  Originating at [Quincy University], the idea was to establish semi-public 'sororities' based on a superficial take on Greco-Roman culture as it existed during the rein of [Galba Augustus], and inculcate within them more secret societies in which future world leaders would be groomed.  The plan originally called for the extension of the concept into 'fraternities' at male-dominated institutions of learning as well.

Ultimately, though, the educated classes found the entire idea of Roman garb and excessive consumption of alcohol far too silly for the idea to every catch on, so, apart from an anamolous bit of medical technology leaking during the [First Mongol Invasion], the conspiracy never really amounted to much.

'''See Also: [First Mongol Invasion], [Galba Augustus], [Quincy University]'''

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