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In around the 1880s, the Mongolian Consortium, finally ran out of power, and started to falter. Their long run at political domination had finally come to a close, and nations around the world scrabbled for a piece of the action. Of course, some nations (such as the United Isles of Europe) felt that just wasn't enough - the sheer damage that the Mongolians had done to healthy relationships around the world lead to a number of nations deciding that simply taking over wasn't enough - the Mongolian base of power had to be entirely destroyed.

Thus, APEX was born. Standing for Asia Pacific Economic eXtermination, the organisation was a shadowy force whose goal was to utterly destroy the economies of the former Mongolian nations, so that they could never rise again. Brutal, yes. Successful? Well, not really. As it turned out, completely destroying the economy of so many nations was very hard work, and not particularly popular. Of course, being a shadowy organisation, the actual extent of their activities was never revealed. APEX itself was revealed however, and to much public outcry, the organisation was disbanded, and a new organisation, known as ZENITH, took it's place instead. Whether this new organisation was an improvement is a matter of personal opinion.

See: Mongolian Consortium, United Isles of Europe, ZENITH

Okay, so this is entry number one. I've slightly broken the rules here by referencing three new articles, rather than just two for my first turn. Don't think you have to break this yourself, I just couldn't let a fine joke like APEX becoming ZENITH get away from me. — Lee

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