Afterparty Gamma

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There were a lot of problems with Gammacon. Low attendance, Petty fights, no stars being billed, bills not being paid. I'm not going to go into all of that. What's done is done.

However, for all it's faults, we did have a kickass afterparty.

Everyone who was still around (and not in jail), all came together for the big afterparty. After the debacle that was the original con, we had to do a bit of work to make sure people would come. It turned out we only needed to offer free booze. It was good enough that even some of the guests, Crewmembers like Edith Chalmers came around to drown their sorrows. We sat down and actually chatted, rather than sniped, and instead of caring about who's side the Karotinoids were really on, we got along for a change. It actually calmed a lot of people down, and frankly without it, I think we would have lost a whole lot more fans out of the con than we did. Certainly, I was this close to shutting down the site and getting the hell outta there myself.

It was the last hurrah of the old guard. Before the new fans found us.

SEE: Edith Chalmers, Karotinoids

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