As I slowly get my head around LionWiki, I'll probably arrange some hacks to the place, to make some jobs a bit easier. The wiki is marketed as a really simple Wiki, and they got that right, but the documentation in regards to setting up the plugin functions is apalling. So! Going quietly and simply as it goes.


  • Changed the template page to add a "What Links Here?" link at the bottom of every page. Now we can see what links to where and how, without being psychic about the wiki. Not that I'm bitter or anything. — Lee
  • For the moment, I've disabled uploads to the server. You are probably asking the same question I was this morning, "We have uploads?". As it turns out, we do. As it turns out, people were using this fact to place scripts on my server for nefarious purposes. As it turns out, disabling this was very simple. When I figure out a decent way of securing uploads, I may re-enable them, but seeing as noone here seems to be worried about uploads anyway, it's not exactly on my to do list. — Lee