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By Rex Darren

While rumors have persisted since shortly after the airing of the final episode, it is highly unlikely that there will ever by a complete collection of Unicode Gamma available for purchase, legitimately, and even the bootleg collections made from third-generation videotapes all tend to have major gaps in them.

This deplorable state of affairs has several distinct causes. Firstly, while many television shows have been prevented from being collected because their producers did not secure republication rights for music used in the show, the producers of Unicode Gamma went one step further and did not appear to have secured any rights whatsoever to the music, usually taped from performances of third-rate local bands. On several occasions swift threats of legal action from alert members of those bands led to a completely different musical accompaniment to the show as it was broadcast a few hours later in another time zone. (Of course, these differences, while often changing the mood or meaning of the scense in question, were nowhere near as major and divisive as the different versions shown in different time zones of several key episodes near the middle of the season that sparked Unicode Gamma Fandom's infamous Eastern Canon/Western Canon dispute.

The second issue involves doubt as to who owns the shows themselves. The Unicode Gamma writing staff were, atypically, all part-owners in the corporate entity that owned the show, and the fact that at this point that entire staff is either dead, missing, or committed to a long term psychiatric facility ("The Unicode Curse") would complicate any effort to secure their permissions.

Finally, even if these obstacles were overcome, there is still the matter of the Lost Episode, originally intended to air the week before the season finale. After the show was pre-empted by 48 hours of natural disaster coverage, all tapes were lost and the comments made about its content by the show's actors and crew seem too absurd and mutually contradictory to be describing a single 48:30 minute episode, leading most to believe that some if not all of them are having a bit of a laugh at the expense of Unicode Fandom.

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