Current Lexicon Games

The last Lexicon I started here was a bit of a dead start, so I've decided to try something a little different. I'm planning to have three different Lexicons running at any given time (with more if people would like to start their own).

I'm resurrecting the previous game, Unicode Gamma, as well as a couple of other prompts. I'm hoping that there will be enough interesting things going on that people will stay for the whole game, instead of bombing out midway through.

For those who have come here not knowing what the hell is going on, the Lexicon Rules should give you an idea of what a Lexicon is, and how to play.

Unicode Gamma 2 Lexicon(Edit)

In the early 1990s, a brand new television show premiered. Unicode Gamma was a great foray into the television market, and was sent internationally on a brave mission to earn it's creators money. Alas, Unicode Gamma was a television show of its time, a show with no real attempt to connect to a general audience, and thus, lasted only a season. That didn't deter the fans (as it never does), and a thriving community of Unicode Gamma fans continue to watch and enjoy this real slice of early 90s television.

5 Year ago, a group of fans managed to organise Gammacon, a conventions dedicated to all things Unicode Gamma. Sadly, on day two of the event, fighting between the fans wrecked the event, the hotel the event was hosted at, and any chance of respectability the fandom might have been able to eke out. On the plus side, the fire did put Unicode Gamma in the news for the first time in ages, and this is bringing a lot of new fans to the show! There's even some talk of a brand new reboot!

And so now, with renewed vigor, Gammacon 2 (under new management) has reared it's head once more, and a new group of fans get to reminisce about the new direction their beloved show is now taking.

Planet Mu Lexicon(Edit)

It is the year 23XX, and mankind has been exploring the galaxy. For a hundred years, mankind has been exploring for signs, any signs, of life, to no avail

Until now. A planet smack bang in the middle of the Goldilocks Zone of it's star, the planet tentatively named Planet Mu was discovered only a few years ago, and in that time it has become the go to destination for every scientist out there desperate to make a name for themselves. It's strange and bizarre flora and fauna (and some life forms that don't seem to belong to either) challenge botanists, biologists, and even chemists and physicists. Our entire science is being redefined thanks to Planet Mu.

Now, these intrepid (and often egotistical) scientists are taking some time out of their busy scientific schedule to share their findings with other scientists on the field, in the first Mu Conference, being held on the good ship Wissenschaft, in orbit around Mu. What findings they present will surely make names, and challenge the very nature of Science itself!

Hero's Aftermath Lexicon(Edit)

A century ago, a great king united the lands together, under the Glorious Kingdom. His will was great, his wisdom greater. The Kingdom seemed like it could last forever. And let it be known, his heirs did whatever it took to make sure that passed. As the century rolled on, wisdom and enlightenment became ignorance and oppression, and woe to us all, the Kingdom seemed like it could last forever.

But then the Hero arose. Taking allies where they could, they laid waste to the Kingdom's forces, reached the very capital, and brought the Kingdom down. Noone in that final battle survived that day, not the hero, nor their allies, nor the King and his court. Even the castle itself was torn asunder, how we do not know.

And now, those who have survived want answers. Conflicting legends abound, stories are whispered here and there, changing as they do. We, the Bards, now have the burdensome job of picking through the fragments to sing the True Song of what happened. A Bardmeet has been called, and Bards from around the land arrive to bring what knowledge they have of the Hero's quest. It is hoped that enough fragments of knowledge from enough Bards will allow us to piece together this Hero's Journey, and the Aftermath we find ourself in.