Fimbulwinter of 1949

By Odd Starter

Fimbulwinters are very strange things. While in a normal winter, it gets cold (in some cases, extremely cold), Fimbulwinters takes this an order of magnitude further, with cold so great they freeze the ground and oceans solid. Worse, they do so on a global scale - no place on earth is immune when a Fimbulwinter is in session. They are extremely hard times, so to speak.

While reasonably rare, their appearance often heralds great turning points in history, and no greater turning point was made than in 1949, right in the middle of the Second Subterranean War. The Subterraneans had achieved great success with their burrowing tactics, using great drills to inject troops directly into ZENITH strongholds, causing devastation not seen since the Mongols. When the Fimbulwinter arrived, the ground became so hard that not even the hardest, strongest drills of the Subterraneans could penetrate the earth, allowing ZENITH to gain much-needed security to launch an offensive.]

Bizarrely, Antarticans seem to thrive during Fimbulwinters, most likely because it means that everyone else runs to them to figure out how they're supposed to survive when the entire world is snap-frozen. The Antarcticans, probably wisely, tell them as little as possible (usually expressed as "Quit your crying and deal with it!") and use the opportunity to expand their influence with other nations. In fact, the phrase "Smug as an Antarctican in a Fimbulwinter" is probably directly related to this tendency.

See: Barbarism of the Mongols, The, Second Subterranean War, ZENITH

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