Hillary Clinton

By Odd Starter

Hillary Clinton is one of those names that comes up a lot in history. In the currently known written history of the world, 38 important people have been named Hillary Clinton, and not a single one of them have been related to any of the others. Every decade or so, some scholar goes looking back through the records and finds another one that was important to some wide-spanning event or another.

I won't go through them all here, for I've not the time. But a few include Dr. Hillary Clinton, the first doctor on the scene at the Lowman-Wagner Anomoly, Hillary Clinton, 6th head of state of the United Isles of Europe, Hillary Clinton of the Habsburgs... The list just goes on and on.

It's left a lot of scholars wondering, as you might expect. Why does this name keep turning up? It turns up even when such a name would be impossible to even pronounce in a language! There seems to be no rhyme or reason, and it turns up in entirely unconnected communities. Historians, Linguists, Sociologists and Scientists of great repute have spent their lives figuring out this very question, and many great minds have ended up insane or worse from trying to figure it out. One Oscar Wilde, for example, ended up running around Milan with his pants around his ankles and underwear on his head, shouting "HILLARY DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!", and eventually had to be chased down by the local constabulatory and placed in a sanitarium, under the care of a psychiatric nurse in training, a young Hillary Clinton. The results, I think you'll agree, were entirely predictable.

See: Duchy of Habsburg, Lowman-Wagner Anomoly, Oscar Wilde, United Isles of Europe

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