Lenin, John

By: Sir Aldous Juniper

Revolutionary hero, best-selling author and founding member of the world's most famous psionic-skiffle band, The Quarrymasters, John Lenin is one of the 20th century's best loved icons.

Born in Livergrad during the harshest depths of the Fimbulwinter of 1949, Lenin grew up in dire poverty. However, he was a bright and hard-working young man, and paid his way through university, eventually earning himself a PhD in astro-geology. It was during his time as an undergraduate at Petrochester University that he met Frank Zappa, and the pair co-founded The Quarrymasters.

The pair were the best of friends, right through the highs and lows of the band and Lenin's forays into international terrorism. However, many still believe that Lenin's mysterious disappearance in December 1980 had all the hallmarks of one of Zappa's infamous pranks gone wrong. Whatever the truth, speculation continues as to whether Lenin is dead or alive, and sales of t-shirts bearing his likeness have never been stronger.

See: Fimbulwinter of 1949, The Quarrymasters, Zappa, Frank

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