Miss Nina Green

By: Sir Aldous Juniper

Miss Nina Green is not one of the finest minds in chrono-histography, however she is the finest set of legs.

Oh, ho ho. You think I am being crude.

Far from it.

You see, we in the chrono-histography game often find ourselves visiting times and locations of great peril.

On one such temporal field trip, Nina and myself found ourselves pursued by a rather angry Mongol. Those of you familiar with the behaviour patterns of this peculiar race, would know that one doesn't have to outrun the Mongol, one need merely outrun one's companion.

Sadly, I am not nearly as fit as the charming Miss Green.

The years, and my nightly butterscotch schnapps nightcap, have been less than kind to me.

As a result, young Nina escaped unharmed, while I lost most of my right leg to the barbarian's sabre while I fumbled with my emergency chronotron's controls.

That will teach me to read the manual before embarking next time.