Mongolian Consortium

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By: Sir Aldous Juniper

The First Mongol Invasion of 1390 was, of course, just the beginning of the clashes between Mongolia and Europe, and over the subsequent centuries any successful attempts by Europe to eject their oppressors was quickly met by a fresh wave of invaders.

These attacks were masterminded and co-ordinated by a shadowy organisation known as the Mongolian Consortium. Officially the rulers of the Mongol Empire were the Khans, but in reality the Khans did as the Consortium told them.

The tactics and weaponry employed by the Mongolian armies suggest to the modern-day observer that the Consortium was most likely made up of time travellers, perhaps deliberately de-stabilising the region for temporal-economic means or perhaps they were merely trapped in medieval Mongolia and were using their knowledge to gain power in unfortunate circumstances. We may never know however, as they managed to maintain a veil of secrecy over their identities, despite the best efforts of the United Isles of Europe government to expose and compromise the organisation.

The Consortium began to sputter in the 1880s and was believed to have been completely destroyed some time in the early 20th Century. However, there are some that believe the Tight Pants Uprising was orchestrated by the Consortium, as a last-ditch effort by the Consortium to de-stabilise Europe. Could it be that the Consortium has merely gone underground, waiting for the opportunity to once again influence world politics?

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