The Trans-Sylvanian Troubles

By: Kevin Alder Rux

"The Troubles", a euphemistic name for a decades long campaign of terrorism, tribal and religious war, and mutual attempted genocide, a madness which infected southwest Asia after the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand-Nagy and the subsequent publication of a series of anonymous papers which declared that death to be the 'Direct Intervention of a Cruel and Ironic God'.

While hardly anyone open professed to believe in "Smiting Hand Theory of Economics" that the papers presented, each of the thirty-seven sides of the conflict (which is believed to have inspired the game of the same name) frequently accused the others of being devotees if not the actual author of the papers.

Interestingly, none of the sides seemed to blame Zeppo Marx in the least for the problem, even though he was responsible for the Archduke's death. This strange trust enabled the parties to accept his efforts, assisted by the ever-able Hillary Clinton, to finally broker a lasting peace by uniting thirty-six factions against the Duchy of Habsburg and then grinding Duke Konrad's nation into a fine paste.

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